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In a previous post, we addressed three symptoms of an uncomfortable mattress. All three were things you might experience without realising that you are suffering because you’re not comfortable when you are sleeping. We’ve decided to follow-up that post with three more symptoms.

Keep in mind that it is entirely possible to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress for months before figuring out that it is causing you problems. The six symptoms listed between these two blog posts are intended to help you work out if your mattress needs to be replaced.

3 More Symptoms of an Uncomfortable Mattress

1. You Are Gaining Weight

People who are not sleeping enough present a higher risk of gaining weight. This is due to two factors. First, a lack of restful sleep alters the chemical balance in the body and makes it more difficult for a person to feel full after eating. Second, sleep deprivation can lead to overeating as the body attempts to compensate for the lack of energy. If you are gaining weight inexplicably, it may be because you are not sleeping well.

2. You Are Forgetting Things

We all expect to experience minor memory issues as we age, but routinely forgetting things for no apparent reason is another matter altogether. Not getting enough sleep could be the culprit. Here’s the deal: sleep plays an important role in forming memories in the brain. If you’re not getting enough sleep, many of those memories that would otherwise take root do not. Both short- and long-term memory can be affected.

3. Your Libido Is Dropping

Restful sleep is essential to a healthy libido. Research has shown that not getting enough sleep can reduce the sex drive in both men and women. In men, it can even be a contributing factor to erectile dysfunction and low sperm count.

As you can see, restful sleep is essential to a lot of areas of everyday life. If you’ve noticed any of the six symptoms we’ve listed in our combined blog posts, take a second look at whether your mattress is behind them or not.

3 More Symptoms of an Uncomfortable Mattress
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