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In an earlier post, we discussed some of the symptoms associated with an uncomfortable mattress, and one of these was that a poor mattress could affect your libido. Libido issues can be a worry for both men and women. However, it is something that could be addressed through something as simple as buying a mattress and bed that suits you.

But how does an uncomfortable mattress affect libido?

Can a Lack of Sleep Cause Mental Health Problems?

When you sleep, you are not just resting and rejuvenating your body; you’re doing the same for your brain. A lack of comfortable sleep means the brain is not recovering adequately from the toils of the previous day. Over the course of weeks and months, this can increase the likelihood of anxiety and depression.

And yes – anxiety and depression are issues known to decrease libido. If you have been feeling down in the dumps for no apparent reason, it could be down to your mattress. Moreover, mental health problems caused by a lack of sleep means being less productive and less happy overall.

Does a Lack of Energy Reduce Libido?

There are different stages of sleep essential for a good night’s rest. If that sleep is interrupted for any reason, you will not get theeventual deep, restful sleep that allows the body to recover. Quite often, those who sleep on uncomfortable mattresses wake up feeling more tired than they were before they went to bed.

Lack of energy due to being tired means a detrimental effect on libido.

Poor Sleep Lowers Testosterone Levels

A lack of testosterone is something often associated with getting older. Nevertheless, more young people are now experiencing the same effects of low testosterone levels. When these young people finally get to bed after a night of partying or whatever,trying to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress means no restful sleep, as discussed above, which then also affects testosterone levels. Loss of libido will eventually occur.

As you can see from the above, an uncomfortable mattress could be a significant contributing factor to libido issues. Better sleep equalsimproved physical and mental health. Take a look at your mattress– is it as comfortable as it should be?

Why a Bad Bed Can Ruin Your Libido
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