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Counselling for Back Pain

One of the most common problems that people have these days is back pain, and those who suffer from it know how excruciating it can be. Many will head straight to their doctor or take to their bed when they have back pain, but often it can be a poor mattress that contributes to the pain in the first place.

For those who are in need of a new mattress and suffer regular or occasional back pain, an orthopaedic mattress might be the ideal choice. Orthopaedic mattresses provide plenty of support for the lumbar region while many have hypo-allergenic properties that also make them the perfect choice for those with allergies.

Counselling for Back Pain?

Medication, physio and good support are often the preferred remedies for back pain, but new research has now suggested that social and psychological factors could be one of the causes of back pain. And based on this, researchers recommend that treatment for the issue should include counselling.

David Rogers is a leading physiotherapist who has been practising a psychological approach to back pain for the past six years at Birmingham’s Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. He believes that certain thinking patterns can contribute to back pain, and he has a number of techniques that have proved to be effective when treating the condition.

He said, “Research has identified that psychological and social factors such as the way patients think about their back pain, as well as depression and anxiety are stronger predictors of long-term pain and disability than physical factors.”

Many people are afraid to move when they have back pain because they fear they will make the problem worse, hence causing depression, anxiety and distress, which consequently can all make the pain worse. Changing thinking through the use of counselling can be very effective when treating back pain.

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Preventing Back Problems

There is no doubting that prevention of back pain is important, and one way to do this is with good support at night. Here at Beds Glasgow, we have a range of orthopaedic mattresses that will support your back while you sleep, helping to reduce any discomfort or pain.

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Could Counselling Help When It Comes to Treating Back Pain?